Once Upon A Time, S4E11: “Shattered Sight”

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Why didn’t the Snow Queen age normally, like Emma and Pinocchio?
  • Regina thought she was being subtle?!
  • I can’t imagine Parilla did not mean that genuinely.
  • I love that she knew no one would ever want carrot sherbet.
  • OMG. Henry used the “Home Alone” gambit.
  • Oh wow. The Wonderland guy must have the best agent ever, to get himself written into each episode for no apparent reason.
  • Man, Snow Queen makes some bad decisions.
  • I don’t believe for a moment, that Regina wouldn’t just kill Snow with magic.
  • How did Snow Queen learn all this other magic when Elsa never even learned freezing magic?
  • Ok, even if Snow Queen didn’t age after she got to Storybrooke, there’s still fifteen years of aging she weathered pretty well.
  • This seems like a pretty quick change of heart.
  • How do we think we’re gonna get back to Arendelle again?
  • The citizens of Storybrooke are the least effective fighters in the history of fighters. No wonder they roll over and give up to any magical person who comes by.
  • Wow, I always think it’s hysterical when someone’s tried to kill me.

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