Dragon Age 2: Act 1 Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Varric!  Long time no see, buddy.
  • I must say, if it hadn’t been for Tumblr, I would probably never have noticed the guy Varric punches out hanging around the bar.
  • So Bartrand has no maps and no money.  Maybe we should have suspected from the outset that this was not a well-thought-out plan.
  • Poor angry Sebastian.  First he gets exiled to the Chantry, and now he gets to be the bad guy because he wants to get back at the people who slaughtered his whole family.
  • Ah, I had forgotten about the thugs that drop out of the air, even when there is clearly nothing around for them to drop from.
  • Aveline liiikes Donnic…
  • Merrill is such a sweet soul, for being so universally reviled in her clan.
  • Flemeth clearly had some work done from DAO.  Either that, or this fragment was better preserved.
  • Anders!  It’s like old home week.  If your old home was filled with demon-possessed magical people.
  • I still think Bethany is a little hard on Gamlin.  It’s true that Leandra had no intention of coming back to see her parents or claim her inheritance until the Blight, and they have stayed with him apparently without paying for rent or food for a year.
  • Plus I think it’s crappy that their parents left like nothing to Gamlin after he had to take care of them for so long.  Harsh parenting apparently runs in the Amell line.
  • Also I like how they’ve been living there a year, and are all “GAMLIN IS THE WORST.  THIS CHEESE HAS BEEN SITTING HERE FOR A YEAR.  LOL.”  Maybe toss it yourself, Hawke?
  • While I understand people thought the whole leveling up process got oversimplified, I kind of like it, because I’m the world’s worst at managing things like that.
  • I love that they out and out tell you what loot is junk so you can unload it at the next merchant.  Otherwise I end up carting around wheelbarrows full of stuff no one ever needs.
  • Oh Fenris.
  • Gideon Emery really does a wonderful job with Fenris, who could easily have just been some creepy barefoot alcoholic squatter.
  • Ok Anders.  We’ll go get Karl.  I just don’t think this will end up as satisfying as you imagine.
  • Look, I don’t want to say “I told you so,” Anders…
  • Bodahn and Sandal.  So reassuring.
  • …And Isabella, whom we always meet dueling mashers in a bar.
  • Another thing I have to thank Tumblr for, is the knowledge that Isabella never wears pants.  I guess I just always assumed she had shorts on under her tunic.
  • The difficult part of this game, is trying to balance everyone’s approval.
  • I must have had to do the part with Feynriel a couple times to try to get the right party combination so everyone wouldn’t disapprove.
  • (I’m looking at you, Fenris.)
  • Oh hey, here’s where we first meet Samson, that bum.
  • Petrice is the worst.
  • I’m going to agree with the Arishok that Jaravis doesn’t seem like the most responsible person to have a gunpowder franchise.
  • Grace is also the worst.  Don’t take it out on me, because you can’t get over your blood mage boyfriend.
  • I would have to say, the dragon in the the bone pit is a world easier than any of the DAI dragons.
  • Man, Trask is the poster child for Bad Things Happening to Good Templars.
  • Fenris is actually a lot funnier than I remember him.  He and Varric have good times.
  • Hey thanks Anders, for almost letting the prostitute make me slit my own throat if I hadn’t mentioned it.
  • Creepy elf-kid killer is the worst.  Maybe some playthrough I’ll earn the favor of the magistrate, but this will not be the one.

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