Dragon Age 2: Prologue Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • You know what sort of game you’re getting into, when the first major choice of the game is “which sibling do I want to die.”
  • I’m just going to come out and say it:  Hawke’s Mom is the worst.
  • First she insists they go to Kirkwall (“come to lovely Kirkwall!  Where everything hurts and happiness has no home!”) and then she out and out blames Hawke for Carver’s death.  Phbbtthh.
  • Oh then, they’re stuck outside Kirkwall and have no money or estate, and she still won’t let them leave to find someplace better that doesn’t resemble a slave crematorium.
  • Smugglers or mercenaries?  I think this is another one of those patented BioWare “good is evil” choices where the faction that looks less awful ends up actually being more awful.  Mercenaries.
  • Welcome to Kirkwall.  Enjoy your visit.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Age 2: Prologue Thoughts”

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve played Dragon Age 2, but I don’t remember that opening ‘smugglers vs. mercenaries’ choice ever mattering. Felt like a wasted effort to me.

    1. It’s been awhile for me too, but I vaguely remember going for the smugglers initially, because the representative sounded so reasonable…but then the additional mission that comes later was something horrible where they wound up trying to kill me for saving a kid or something. Welcome to Kirkwall!

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