Dragon Age Origins: “Awakening” Half-Way Thoughts

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • I like how the soldiers say “oh, there’s probably dark spawn in the basements. Well, we’ll be over here, then.”
  • Love Wade and Herren. I wonder why they never reappeared?
  • Wow, I totally forgot about the guy who wound up hanging himself because he couldn’t fix up a house for his wife.
  • People go hard in Amaranthine.
  • One disadvantage of playing these games in rapid succession is that the quests start to blur a little. Having the description change in the “Finished Quests” list is a huge help, and something I really wish they’d bring back.
  • Also the ability to read over the last few dialogues. I need that back too.
  • The one thing I find a little disturbing is when we walk up to people, they get agitated, and we end up killing them, without much of a reason why.
  • “Hi!  Do you know…”  “AUGGGHH!”  “Oh well.”  [draws sword]
  • The worst part of any DA game is when you’re walking along and suddenly a dozen spiders fall on you with a deafening “HIIISSSSS!”
  • It’s kind of extra-sad to see Spunky!Anders! when you know what’s waiting for him down the line.
  • Ok, who among us really thought it was a good idea to reassemble the dragon bones in the creepy haunted village?
  • Peasant uprising went poorly.  Thought of going back and trying again, but the last save I made was apparently before the dragon fight, so we’re just gonna have to deal with a few dead peasants.

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