Dragon Age Inquisition: Post-Game Thoughts

Spoiler End-Game Thoughts:

  • While I thought the game was as beautiful as all the trailers made it look, there were some mechanics that seemed like they worked much easier in DAO.  Why do I have to be standing on top of loot to pick it up now, when in DAO I could just point to it across the room?
  • Does it seem as though your team didn’t talk as much as in the other games?  I found that most of the time they were silent, and when they did talk, a lot of the time they just kept repeating the same dialogue over and over.  (I GET IT Dorian.  Just place your bet against me already.)
  • I probably spent way too much time trying to climb over mountains to get to areas that were inaccessible at the time.  The penalties of cluelessness.
  • I am the worst at combat ever.  Next playthough needs to be with a ranged character, because half the time I couldn’t even tell if I was connecting with anything, much less the same joint on the dragon leg.
  • Some team members I felt like I didn’t get to know at all.  Vivienne only talked when she wanted something like albino body parts or the Divineship.
  • Blackwall and Solas seemed like they spoke the most at the beginning, but eventually petered out.  In Blackwall’s defense, this could be after he got dumped for Cullen.
  • I feel like I did the game wrong in one sense–I tried to do all the non-essential quests before moving forward in the story, and it made the storyline seem kind of condensed at the end, and all the loot was underpowered after about halfway through.
  • The Samson song was pretty grating after awhile, but oddly enough, the Sera one started to worm its way into my head for some reason.
  • The two moments that completely made the game for me tho:  The entrance into Skyhold, and the dance at Halamshiral.  Really upped the emotional content of the game.
  • I wish Flemeth had had a bigger role in the game.  I don’t even know what she might have done, but I love hearing Kate Mulgrew do her.
  • I actually think all the voice actors did a fabulous job, but I always do, with BioWare games.
  • There are lots of people and things I would destroy to get to be a voice in a BioWare game.
  • So…the post-credits scene.  Was it the Old God soul that Flemeth was shoving through the mirror as Solas was toodling in?  Did she take it from her grandson to save his life?
  • Why would Solas think Corypheus would open the orb?  Why didn’t he give it to Flemeth?
  • I was confused as to what we thought had happened to The Warden.  No one could find her?  But (at least in my headcanon,) she married Alistair and was queen?  But Alistair didn’t seem all that alarmed about her?  But then we found her?  But then she basically said “good luck, have a belt?”
  • I also would have liked to see what happened with Anders, but appreciate how problematic that might have been.  Basically, I just want a game where I wander around talking to all the characters I already know for hours and hours.
  • Throw in the Mass Effect guys as well, and I really wouldn’t need any other games ever again.
  • I think my Spirit Animal is the guy who kept earnestly trying to give Cullen the report from Leliana, when Cullen was otherwise occupied.
  • You just know that guy had probably been chewed out before for being negligent about passing on the reports, and he was all “this time will be different!  I got this!”
  • Because 230 hours wasn’t enough time to invest in this, I think maybe we’ll start over from DAO and do a complete run through, including reviewing the books and seeing the movie about Cassandra I never got around to seeing.
  • Thanks BioWare!  Without you, I’d be forced to live in the Real World all the time, and Heaven Knows, no one wants that.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Age Inquisition: Post-Game Thoughts”

  1. So to answer your questions…
    Solas only found out Flemeth was alive after the Morrigan thing.

    The Warden basically said “Hey I’m stepping out to pick up a cure from the grocery store. Be back in a minute” so Alistar was ok with it.

    There is a Krogan in the Winter palace so keep your fingers crossed.

    the no one talking thing is a bug that can be fixed usually by hovering over every single codex entry and then saving.

    Sera is a rogue and a thief and she’ll get her song stuck in your head.


      I had heard of the no talking bug, but since mine did once in awhile, I wasn’t sure if I had it, or if they just liked to keep their thoughts to themselves. I’ll try that my next playthrough.

      “She would always like to say,
      “Why change the past,
      when you can own this day?”
      …over and over and over…

      Thanks for the answers!

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