Once Upon A Time, S4E8: “Smash the Mirror” Part 2

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Does Emma ever think about a decision for more than 3 minutes?
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Ana.
  • Elsa: Queen of Arendelle and bad decisions.
  • I want a car like Emma’s bug, that apparently takes no damage no matter how many things she runs it into.
  • Who doesn’t ever check their phone for messages?
  • Oh, the chandelier!
  • Gold is such a good character. Robert Carlyle does such a good job with him.
  • Well I’ve had my problems with this whole Frozen storyline, but this exchange between Emma and Gold is pretty outstanding.
  • I’m not sure freezing a doorknob automatically makes it unlock.
  • Not totally sure how the power of a handshake worked there.
  • Wow, that jacket is not equipped to hide the hat thing.
  • Oh, nice downwards boob shot.
  • Too bad with all this magic, no one carries any scissors.
  • “Your strange fixation really holds no interest for me.”

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