Once Upon A Time, S4E8: “Smash the Mirror” Part 1

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • No, I think your sisters couldn’t accept you because you FROZE AND BROKE one of them.
  • Kind of awkward Regina/Robin scene.
  • No, it’s kind of your fault, Snow.
  • Elsa is such a dupe. Why would she believe this stranger over Ana?
  • Emma, this seems like a bad solution.
  • Oh thank God, Elsa isn’t a total dupe.
  • Apparently houses only have wings in an East-West axis.
  • Look, if you trust Gold or Regina, you probably are going to get what you have coming.
  • Oh, it’s the Wonderland guy again. We must be in need of exposition!
  • Why does Elsa have to pretend around the guards? She’s the queen, right?
  • Why would Hook say all this right in Gold’s place?
  • I guess the dust circumscribed her powers…Until they didn’t?

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