Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 20

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Fine Josephine. For Alistair, I’ll spare you for a day.
  • Oh, I forgot this mission was available: Helping the elves find a tomb.
  • So far this tomb excavation doesn’t seem like it went very well.
  • These tomb guards aren’t very attentive.
  • I don’t get how some things are impossible to find, with no clues whatsoever, and other ones you keep getting popup messages like “LOOK HERE DOLT!!”
  • The whole tomb was for the elf version of Pocohontus?
  • I feel bad about selling the King Calenhad sword Alistair gave me, but it’s really too low for me now.
  • I love Cullen’s responses to half the war table missions. “OH FOR MAKER’S SAKE.”
  • Damn it, I bet the last ocularium is in dragon country.
  • Dragons. Why did it have to be dragons.
  • Ow. After about 20 minutes of fighting all by myself, after everyone else died, I finally killed the first dragon. I think I broke my mouse hand.
  • Ok, I have to take a break from dragons. Maybe the next story mission?
  • Man, I really hope What Pride Had Wrought is not endgame.
  • Wait, I’m not going to get a chance to get ready or anything?
  • Argh. I want to change my party. Maybe I’ll get a chance at the next blockade.
  • Oh, I guess we’re not stopping at each blockade.
  • Maybe when we hit the temple?
  • Ok, we don’t seem to be stopping.
  • Reload.
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