Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 19

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Can you imagine Cassandra as the Divine? HAW.
  • Sometimes Blackwall over-shares.
  • There should be some way you can tell the singer to stop singing the Sampson song. I get it already.
  • I guess…we didn’t help Briala? I had kind of thought that we had.
  • Oh Cullen…
  • Whoa Cullen! Good thing the Inquisitor chose that particular spot to sit up.
  • Hey Morrigan!
  • Er…Morrigan and a kid…
  • Well he certainly doesn’t seem to have taken after his father much.
  • I don’t know that I would just walk into the eluvian like that.
  • Oh Blackwall, you scamp.
  • Ok, someone needs to tell BioWare that in a time of sorrow, “I don’t know what to say” does not equal “well…shit.”
  • Every time I walk through Skyhold, there are more people eating.
  • I…What…Blackwall…
  • Good Lord. Sebastian is still after Anders.
  • Oh hey, that was apparently the total wrong thing to say to Leilana. Reload.
  • You know, this loot-free chantry is beautiful, but if you had given me this much more time in the Imperial Palace, I could have done some damage.
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