Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 14

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Wow, this journal entry about Betta and Yves is horrifying.
  • Oh, this whole villa is horrifying.
  • Not totally sure what happened here. Was it a repeat of Connor at Redcliffe again?
  • Dear Lord, this pace has a never ending supply of giants.
  • Oh and a dragon. Fantastic.
  • Ok Bull. Lets go make an alliance.
  • Hm. This is sounding like we might not see the Chargers again.
  • Oh NOES, Bull!
  • There is no good outcome for Bull in this.
  • The ruthless calculus of war, Bull. I’m sorry.
  • Alright, lets go see Hawke.
  • Beautiful. More rain.
  • Varric’s gotten cranky over the years.
  • Man, if you are a Grey Warden, you can just not catch a break.
  • How is it that despite the fact everyone knows they’re evil, everyone goes to Tevinter for help
  • I like how even Solas was reading “Hard in Hightown.”
  • Oh, ok Cullen, you can come too.
  • I cannot find my way around this fortress for anything. Sorry if everyone dies before I find the battlements.
  • Clarel, you dummy.
  • Oh, hey a dragon. This day just keeps getting better.
  • Are…we dying?
  • …Are we dead?
  • Welcome to the Fade.
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