Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 13

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • Ok, trying the Keep again.
  • wow, these guys are kind of kicking my ass.
  • Oh hey, now down to 0 health potions.
  • Thank goodness you go back up to half health after a fight, because I probably had like 1 health point after that one.
  • Oh hey, behemoth.
  • Oh hey, death.
  • So kind of seems like the best I can do is go hide out somewhere and let the guys take care of things.
  • It would really be nice if this door led to an empty room with a sign that says “all done.”
  • …But it didn’t.
  • A cache! We’re saved!
  • …Wait a minute. They probably wouldn’t leave us a cache unless…
  • Riches, power or virgins.
  • So not really virgins, then.
  • More powerful dragons. Pass.
  • Apparently the Chasind were known more for their fighting than their interior design.
  • Ok, all these areas seem at higher levels now.  Time to retreat to another area where the living is easy and the cotton is high.

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