Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 12

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Ok, time to take down the Tevinter guys in the West.
  • Oh great. Another drawing. Because I think I’ve found one drawn site so far.
  • Seven camps? Wow, this place is either huge or cripplingly deadly.
  • Or both huge and deadly.
  • OMG, every note in the Hissing Sands is a drawing.
  • I am the worst at inventory management.
  • Dorian and Iron Bull have a complicated relationship.
  • I swear, I cannot find this tomb for all the tea in China.
  • Oh hai dragon.
  • Walking around the dragon now.
  • I may be the first person to complete DAI without killing any dragons ever.
  • Finally! I think all my team members were about to go all Anakin on the sand issue.
  • Off to Emprise du Lion to find Cass’ guy and
    Blackwall’s artifacts.
  • I still have no idea how to accumulate focus.
  • Oh, Dorian and Blackwall have issues too.
  • Basically, a lot of people have issues with Dorian.
  • So this is how you know you’re playing a Bioware game. Not only do you find the poignant note about the guy who’s going to propose to his girl, but you also find their charred bodies at the picnic site, and then loot the engagement ring.
  • Ok, is Emprise kind of buggy? Because I can’t interact with a bunch of things that seem interactable.
  • Got too frustrated that I couldn’t figure out how to climb anyplace and retreated back to the Hinterlands to see if I can get the dragon yet.
  • OMG. Finally killed a dragon.
  • OMG, can’t make this jump to pick up the last shard.
  • Maybe Varric can make the jump.
  • Maybe Dorian can make the jump.



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