Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 6

Spoiler Thoughts:

  • I could maybe find my way around Skyhold better if someone wasn’t constantly shutting the doors after me.
  • Wow, these trainers are not really selling their specialties to me.
  • Well, I guess making a flag sounds more innocuous than drinking blood or getting lyrium addiction.
  • Ok, this room shows an exclamation mark that says “Cullen,” but I can’t find anything about him here.
  • Why do I feel like I’m Fenris-ing Dorian by taking him to meet his folks?
  • Alright Cole, I’m going to give you a chance to shine.
  • Ok, Dorian. Let’s meet the fam.
  • Oh, wow. That was not how I thought this would go down.
  • Now I sort of wish his preferences had been a surprise, because that would have been effective.
  • Mother Giselle is all “NOHOMO.”
  • The connect the stars thing is getting harder, and I don’t even think I have the right amount of stars for this one.
  • Ha! Finally closed that one rift in the woods that’s been kicking my ass for so long!
  • These Carta mercenaries are vicious.
  • Some of these quests are so ill-advised, I wonder what the in-game motivation would be for doing them. Who thinks it’s a good idea to bring this corpse’s dead grandpa back?
  • I can’t believe we got a power for that crappy little ram quest.
  • All that whole star map thing was for a dagger?
  • I feel like I found the waterfall, but it won’t check the quest off.
  • Dear Lord, this dwarven outpost is huge.
  • Hey, who thinks it’s a good idea to open up this locked dwarfed vault? Yeah, me neither.
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