Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 11

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Oh hai, darkspawn well.
  • This well was a lot bigger on the inside.
  • It’s the Tardis of darkspawn wells.
  • How come nothing benevolent survives in these places? No ice cream vendors, just huge murderous giants.
  • Wow, good thing we came out right onto a campsite just then, or it might have gone pret-ty poorly.
  • I’m not totally sure I get this whole “focus” thing.
  • Ok, back to Storm Coast for Red Templars.
  • Now beginning to realize all the hours I spent trying to climb over mountains to get to places on the map were actually not reachable at the time.
  • Should we be collecting all this red lyrium if it makes everybody all crazy?
  • “His last boss was a raving lunatic who turned into a statue. That’s not a high bar.”
  • “What do we expect to find here?” Varric, we just rowed to a place called “Dragon Island.”

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