Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 8

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Storm Coast is the Seattle of Thedas.
  • Ok, I have no idea how I’m supposed to get to that grey warden place in the mountains. You’ll have to wait until another day, Blackwall.
  • Watching a huge battle between giant spiders and darkspawn, and have literally no one to root for.
  • Blackwall likes to say “that’s the end of that,” even with a full open rift over his head.
  • Man, who would have thought that sad addict in Kirkwall would turn out to be such a pain in the ass.
  • Contracts apparently work a lot better in Thedas.
  • Look, I realize they’re pieces of crap, but we can’t just kill everyone for that, Solus. There’d be no one left in Thedas.
  • Hey thanks for booking as soon as we finished your quest, Solus. I kind of thought we were going rift closing afterwards, but apparently not.
  • I haven’t seen Blackwall or Sera in Skyhold for awhile. I feel like they got that map from Harry Potter and snuck out.
  • After ripping apart two graves, I’m now wondering if I’m cleansing this eleven cemetery, or defiling it.
  • Subquest now shows up as “spoils of desecration,” so there’s that.
  • Look, man, I was just doing a really good job of cleaning out the graveyard.
  • Ok, fine. I can still get enough approval if I do all the other things. Why won’t you take my bear hides?
  • Great. Now, there is suddenly a dearth of bears in this Andraste-foresaken place.

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