Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 7

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Ok, I feel like I’ve finished almost everything in the Hinterlands except a) the unknowns I don’t know how to get to, b) the shard that’s by the dragon who’s too hard still, and c) the stupid waterfall by the bridge.
  • OMG, that’s why Cole threw the turnips in the fire!
  • Finally remembered to take the upgrades off the weapons before selling them.
  • Josie dresses pretty well for someone who’s broke.
  • Ok Blackwall, time to start collecting your warden bits.
  • Varric really hates the swampy places.
  • Back to the coastal place with the difficult-to-navigate hills.
  • Unlocked the star map cave on the map, but…it…isn’t…here…
  • Oh hi Alpha Hurlock. Nice of you to invite two bears to come and join the party.
  • I keep forgetting I have that focus thing now.

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