Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 4

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Great. Went out of town for a week, and now I barely remember the key bindings.
  • I like how we’re all “MUST SAVE LEILANA! MAKER KNOWS WHAT’S HAPPENED TO HER! Hey, what’s in this bag of flour?
  • Companions don’t talk to you all that much, just because you left them to get tortured and poisoned for a few years.
  • Man, Redcliffe Castle is good for no one.
  • Oh, wow, Leilana looks a little different than in the trailer.
  • We should maybe have picked her up a little moisturizer.
  • Well I guess a few years as blood and skin donor might take their toll on a body.
  • Damn it, Leilana.
  • Felix is kind of the big loser here, no matter which timeline.
  • Alistair!
  • Oh, Alistair, laying down the law.
  • It seems a little harsh, but then again, Alistair could say “boil all the newborns!” And I’d be all “ISN’T HE ADORBS”
  • Nooo Alistair! You don’t know who Fiona is! Oh…Damn…
  • Wait! All the approval/disapprovals scrolled by so fast, I didn’t get to read them all!
  • Dorian is a hoot.
  • Good Heavens, this is a long song about Enchanters.
  • Hm. The map missions seem to be taking a lot longer to accomplish by now.
  • Off to seal the breach! Hope this doesn’t go horribly wrong.
  • Ok, that seems a little too easy…
  • Oh, because it was too easy.
  • Wow, I’m the worst at saving the Haven townsfolk.
  • Well thanks for your support now, Roderick.
  • Oh man, I wonder if I was supposed to be looting in between aiming the thing.
  • Wait, didn’t we kill this guy in Legacy?
  • Well I hope the other three guys got out because they sure aren’t here now.
  • Ah, the “slow-walk” segment of the game.
  • Oh, singing.
  • This woman is totally going to be the next Divine.
  • Solas is all “WTF?”
  • Cliiiimb eeeevery mountaaaain…
  • How did Solas happen to know of this handy fortress just over the next hill?
  • Welcome to…Jurassic Park. No, wait…

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