Dragon Age Inquisition: Playthrough Day 3

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Off to Val Royeaux! Wait, what level was I supposed to be?
  • Ha. Love the vandalized statute plaques.
  • Oh, froze again.
  • Well that was unexpected.
  • Happy people.
  • Well Val Royeaux’s statues are more welcoming than Kirkwall’s, at least.
  • Ooo–I want the expensive mystery box.
  • Sera! Oh, froze again.
  • Fighting! Oh, froze again.
  • Ok, drivers updated again. Back in business!
  • Yay Sera!
  • Oh, they really don’t have pants.
  • Yay Vivienne!
  • And Cullen’s visible now! Everything’s coming up Milhouse!
  • In retrospect it’s hilarious that our seat of power is in that creepy town with the cultists and that kid who used to sing stuff.
  • I feel bad that Vivienne has to change into baggy pants now.

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