Once Upon A Time, S4E7: “The Snow Queen”

Spoiler thoughts:

  • Enter Charlie Brown’s Kite-Eating Tree.
  • Oh hey, maybe David could give Robin some pointers on the differences between true love and marriage.
  • Will no one give Elsa a pair of pants?
  • That was a pretty unconvincing “you got me.”
  • He is totally supposed to look like Alan Tudyk.
  • Why, in God’s Name, would you let Regina keep the book.
  • By this logic, shouldn’t Regina be one of their sisters too?
  • I feel like Rumple must have been advertising in the Enchanted Forest Yellow Pages.
  • Oh look, it’s Will Scarlet. Someone must need an opportunity to internally monologue.
  • Well that was unfortunate.
  • Well actually, Snow, it was mostly just you failing the fear test.
  • Maybe Gerda would have been more likely to take her hand if she put the gloves on first.
  • Actually, it was all Gerda’s fault from the beginning, since she was the one suggesting the Rumple gambit.
  • I guess if you deal away your ribbon fail safes for gloves, you should maybe put them on once in awhile.

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