Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Ten: “Monstrous”

Spoiler thoughts:

  • I feel like these Buddhist werewolves have maybe sublimated not only their violent tendencies, but also their self-preservation tendencies.
  • Liam might be the smartest werewolf of all.
  • Oddly enough, a hospital might be one of the last places you’d find a cassette player, since no one wants to bring their nice players to get ripped off there.
  • So Kira flew back from wherever they took her Mom, and immediately went in the pouring rain to go check out Beacon Hill High’s sport’s stadium in case there were werewolves in peril?
  • Argent looks like he’s raiding the Land Pavilion at EPCOT.
  • So far, losing all his superpowers seems to be the best thing that ever happened to Derek.
  • This is why people should have private hospital rooms.
  • The Desert Wolf!  Thank God Peter wasn’t sharing all his thoughts about her.
  • Oh Lydia’s Mom is never gonna get to sell this house now.
  • Peter loses some of his intimidation prowess without his v-necks.
  • Sad that Sheriff Stalinski wasn’t stationed in some other American towns, where apparently anybody can shoot anyone without thinking twice about it.
  • This girl has the worst survival instincts of any werewolf ever.
  • Oh Peter.

Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Nine: “Perishable”


  • Man, unless you are a supernatural animal, or related to a supernatural animal, living in Beacon Hills makes you a stone-cold jerk.
  • Kind of amazing that Deputy Parrish apparently walked all through town and into the Sheriff’s station wearing nothing but some singed underwear, and no one ever reported anything.  Like, that’s the least strange thing going on in Beacon Hills tonight.
  • I’m not sure I would have picked the red eyes as the thing to convince Parrish I was a werewolf.  Teeth or claws seem more pathognomonic.
  • Weird that Lydia’s nickname was Ariel, given that the mermaid in the original story doesn’t get a name.
  • Hough healed pretty quick from that beatdown Parrish gave him.
  • Nice that the Beacon Hills teens never let mass homicide get in the way from a good party.
  • Yay nice guy!  Although it seems like he could have done that considerably sooner, since Scott figured out it was the music pretty early.
  • Derek became a surprisingly good fighter all of a sudden, given that he should have to learn all new techniques for a normal-powered person.
  • Why doesn’t Lydia banshee scream whenever she’s held captive like this, since she knows everyone can hear her?
  • Eichen House is no GD good for anyone.

Dying Is Easy; Comedy Is Hard

Robin Williams is dead, and there’s nothing to be done for it.

It’s a cruel, tragic waste of a brilliant, if often uneven, talent that obviously has affected people the world over–people who never met him, never interacted with him in any way except watching him on screens and monitors.  It seems grossly unfair and incomprehensible that someone who had the power to make so many people laugh apparently had such trouble finding happiness of his own.  How could it happen, that someone could be in that much pain, who seemingly had everything to live for?

The truth seems to be that it doesn’t matter if you drive a lovely car or live in a lovely house, or are surrounded by lovely people who care deeply for you, if it’s raining 24/7 inside your skull.  Some clearly have some sort of problem, whether it’s a chemical imbalance, or faulty neurological wiring, or a small demon setting up house on top of their hippocampus, which torments them and keeps them from living the great lives that they deserve to live.

It always seems even more shocking when something like this happens to comedians, as if it’s insult to injury that someone we depended on so frequently to make us laugh, now gives us grief.  While the notion that comedy doesn’t come from a joyous well of glee probably shouldn’t be surprising, the frequency with which depression and addiction attack comedians is an unpleasant reminder of the exact opposite.  An acknowledgement that the comedic sensibilities we admire are often forged from a lifetime of frustration and internal struggle.

I don’t know if there’s anything to be learned from this.  I don’t know if there is anything that would have helped him, or if this is just some malign fate that he could forestall but ultimately not escape.  If the phone had rang, or if someone had come to the door, would he have been safe after the moment had passed?  Or, perhaps, was it all something that had happened before, and only managed to make it to completion now?

There’s no way to see any grand lesson from something this senseless, except maybe the need to appreciate things.  Appreciate the good things, the things that make you laugh and give you joy, and appreciate too the bad things that plague others; appreciate that we all ride through life in our own little meat vehicles without any knowledge of what’s going on in the car next to us, and maybe appreciate that it’s better to err on the side of kindness accordingly.

None of this helps the anger or sadness of course–only time will help any of that.  They say that laughter is the best medicine; what a huge injustice that it often kills the doctor.

Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Six: “Orphaned”


  • Even boneguy is watching Kate thinking “man, that seems excessive.”
  • OMG, now I know what teen assassin Violet looks like–Maya Brooks from Mass Effect!
  • A thoracotomy gets rid of wolf bane? Remember when Derek had to find some and set it on fire and scrub it in the wound?
  • Still sucks to be Derek.
  • No one can figure out how to leverage superpowers into a little dough?
  • Oh Scott. Such a dupe sometimes.
  • Oh Garrett. Such a dupe sometimes.
  • Ow. That was worse than a splinter.
  • Ok, with that many dead people, it seems like someone with non-super smelling would have smelled them.
  • Malia voices the unspoken thought.
  • Nooooo, not Derek!
  • Wait, what about the wolfsbane?
  • Oh, ok, there’s the wolfsbane thoracotomy.
  • How is it that Melissa can’t get $ from Mr. McCall?

Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Five: “I.E.D.”


  • Return of Obsessed!Stiles!
  • In what world is Lydia a higher bounty than Derek?
  • Derek. Always makin’ friends.
  • Smiley!Derek!
  • In the history of ever, Scott has never wanted to cancel a lacrosse game.
  • Malia. Always makin’ friends.
  • Liam. Always makin’ friends.
  • Nice dude continues nice.
  • Deputy Parrish is really stepping up his game this season.
  • Apparently no one not a werewolf or mystical animal can be good at lacrosse.