Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode Two: “117”


  • You’d think after awhile, Beacon Hills would have learned not to hold its big championship games on the nights of the Full Moon.
  • I guess…Scott is more ok with his Dad now?
  • Nobody ever cleaned up the Hale House after all those years?
  • Haige is a bastard, and is an unnecessary contributor to poor Derek’s Life of Suckage.
  • I’m not so sure Sheriff Stilinski really wants full disclosure at this point.
  • Oh Stiles…
  • It’s kind of weird that they are so squidged out over the gas station guy’s mutilation, after all the horrible death they’ve seen previously.
  • Well that was almost some parental concern from Peter.
  • Are…are Scott and Malia trying to slap those Berzerkers in the chest to death?
  • Does anyone want to try to freaking help Derek?!
  • Woo! Hoechlin, baby! With innocent eyes!

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