Teen Wolf, Season Four, Episode One: “The Dark Moon”



  • I like how these kids can haul off to some rural Mexican town and still somehow stumble into a full-out Rave.
  • Pretty long dance scene between Malia and Kira, likely punctuated by the shrieks of a thousand shippers, crying out with joy.
  • Those light-up nunchuks make you think that either a) Kira made them by cutting apart a lightsaber, or b) Arden Cho needed some light ones to prevent her from getting a concussion while using them.
  • I’m not sure I’d be all that reassured by having Malia on my team, what with the leaving people behind for dead and all.
  • Why doesn’t Kira just suck all the electricity out of the panel?
  • I kind of don’t buy the explanation for why they needed to torture Scott.  I think if they had just told him Kate was alive, he would have been cool with it.
  • Poor Stile’s jeep is the unsung martyr of Teen Wolf.
  • Well if it’s a season premiere, it must be time for Braeden to show up.
  • Why on Earth is Stiles digging around inside the engine, when apparently the problem was a huge claw in the wheel well?
  • I feel like this is not the conversation Scott had planned to have in the basement of the Aztec Temple.
  • Whelp, I guess this is the week Tyler Hoechlin got to sleep in.
  • Nice to know after three seasons, it still sucks to be Derek.

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